Exhibitor Tools

Every detail of doing business as a Dallas Market Center exhibitor is at your fingertips, including operations details including shopping and business services.

These services are available to permanent exhibitors during market and non-market times:

Dock Services (214) 655-6270

The docks are supervised by DMC dock managers and protective services. DMC dock personnel can help transport samples to and from showrooms and customer vehicles, but can not do work inside showrooms. Many general dock services are available to help you.

  • Loading, un-loading and delivery of products
  • Delivery of pallets and palletizing product
  • Shrink wrapping pallets
  • Tracking shipments and calling trucking companies to assist tenants
  • Sale of ice and light bulbs for showrooms

Inside Deliveries

When a delivery arrives at Dallas Market Cener marked “Inside Delivery,” Dock Services reviews all paperwork and bill of ladings, and helps facilitate final destination delivery of products for each tenant and showroom. The Dock Services personnel work with delivery drivers to ensure building access, provide pallet jacks and/or forklifts, and ensure the carrier actually delivers products to the proper showroom. This service is provided free of charge for all tenants.

“Inside Delivery” means delivery to the showroom, not inside the showroom, unless the tenant is present and authorizes access to that showroom. “Inside Delivery” dictates the shipping entity will actually deliver products and merchandise to a respective showroom. This is an arrangement made between the shipper and showroom.

While Dallas Market Center is not responsible for delivery, accuracy or quality of delivery service when marked “Inside Delivery,” Dock Services does provide necessary equipment to the shipping provider to help facilitate delivery at no charge.

If A Delivery Is Not Marked “Inside Delivery”

When a delivery is not marked “Inside Delivery”, Dock Services calls the showroom to determine delivery to the showroom.

If a tenant authorizes Dock Services to deliver, Dallas Market Center unloads the trucks and is responsible for accuracy and completeness of the delivery. Dallas Market Center signs all bill of ladings confirming receipt of the delivery and accounts for the time and labor spent delivering items. Dock Services charges for these services. Contact Dock Services at (214) 655-6270 for the full rate list.

Red Caps are also available to take product to showrooms. Red Caps are independent contractors who are not employed by DMC, but provide services as contractors for tenants and buyers. Call Dock Services for a list of Red Cap services and charges, (214) 655-6270.

Protective Services (214) 655-6166

  • To report an emergency, call (214) 741-HELP. Protective services, open 24 hours a day, is located at 113 WTC.
  • The department also provides: medical assistance, escorts to your vehicle, showroom keys to authorized personnel, vehicle assistance for dead batteries, photo ID & access cards and traffic control and parking enforcement.
  • General parking at DMC is free of charge. If you are interested in a reserved parking space, call (214) 655-6234.

Contractor Guidelines (214) 879-8120

  • All construction/alterations to your showroom must be approved and a DMC permit issued prior to work beginning. Call (214) 879-8120 to obtain the application and Tenant Finish-Out Guidelines.
  • For a current Contractors Reference List, call (214) 655-7669.

Showroom Lock & Key Changes (214) 655-7605

Request service by calling Maintenance Dispatch